MVR Background Check Services

MVR background checks are a critical part of the hiring process for DOT-regulated employers and any job position that involves operating a motor vehicle. This background screening process is subject to multiple laws and regulations, and if violated, can result in hefty fines. To help you hire confidently while staying compliant, we researched, tested, and ranked the best MVR background check services on the market. Scroll down to find the right company for your needs.


The Best Services for Driving Record Background Check

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People First, Always.

Since 1975, Sterling has been focused on helping organizations build trust and safety for their employees, customers, and business partners. Over 40,000+ businesses globally rely on Sterling’s advanced employee background check solutions to recruit, hire, and monitor their teams. With decades of experience, expertise in dozens of industries, multiple integrations, and fast turnaround times, Sterling is one of the best employee background check providers to hire.

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Driven by its statement to provide a “better way to do employment background checks,” GoodHire is a technology-first firm with a seamless user experience built into its DNA. Over 80,000 businesses of all sizes have already entrusted GoodHire with their employment screening needs, stating it’s the best background check service for employers due to its ease of use and speedy turnaround times.

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With a 98.5% client retention rate, 90% first call resolution, and a team of 1,700+ screening experts, AccurateNow is the go-to provider of background check services for small businesses. Marrying advanced processes and intelligent technology, AccurateNow provides an optimized background screening experience for both candidates and employers. Its employee background check process delivers a 99.99% accuracy rate, allowing employers to hire with peace of mind.

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Established in 1996, IntelliCorp is committed to continued investment in new products and technologies, superior customer care, and forward-thinking leadership. Its screening solutions cover diverse needs from pre-employment to tenant screening. The company offers one the best background checks for employers including reliable healthcare screening packages and add-ons that provide extra protection for this highly regulated industry.

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Established in 1989, InfoMart is a leading background check company built on world-class customer support and responsible business practices. It offers a wide range of services and caters to dozens of industries. By blending expertise and technological innovation, InfoMart consistently ranks as the best background check website.

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Intelifi is both a software developer and data provider. Bringing together the best of both worlds, it offers comprehensive screening solutions, built-in compliance tools, human and AI record reviews, and seamless functionality. The firm is committed to providing the highest quality data for clients to make more informed hiring and renting decisions. More than 10,000 businesses are growing with Intelifi’s EMERGE screening platform and comprehensive background checks.

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How We Selected the Best MRV Background Check Services

Industry insiders and our expert reviewers have joined forces to create rigorous selection criteria for MVR companies. Read on to discover more about our evaluation process. 

First Phase: Creating Preliminary List of MVR Services

We dived deep to create a list of services worthy of further evaluation. In this phase, we focused on a couple of essential requirements.

Employers that use MVR background check services must follow the rules outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Ban the Box, and Fair Hiring Laws, among others.

Failing to adhere to these guidelines and not following adverse action procedures when deciding not to hire based on the results in the driving records checks can lead to huge fines. Companies have lost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in penalties for failing to follow these requirements. As an employer, you also must obtain written permission to conduct a driving record background check. All of the companies on our list have been verified for compliance and make reliable partners that can confidently guide you through the entire screening process.

Next, we check their reputation in the industry and among clients by collecting reviews, testimonials, and consumer rank. We carefully read multiple reviews from different independent platforms, including the Better Business Bureau, to discover possible strengths and weaknesses and how the companies deal with negative feedback. We also check their rank on various review sites and eliminate the outfits with predominantly negative feedback.

At this point, we get in touch with employers that operate in DOT-regulated industries and are obligated to conduct driving records checks. We survey multiple companies and consider their answers in the final ranking process.

Second Phase: Putting the MVR Background Check Companies to the Test

Compliant companies with positive reputation earn a spot on our preliminary list. From here, we put them through a rigorous testing process that consists of several steps.

We visit each site to evaluate the overall experience. We examine the site organization and navigation and test speed and responsiveness. We also test the process of ordering MVR reports for employers. Is it easy and straightforward enough? Are there clear guidelines that explain what these checks are about and how employers can use them in a compliant way? We also value companies that have a blog and other educational resources. We give each site a rating that we later use for our overall ranking. Sites with poor and confusing experience and lack of compliance guidelines are excluded from further assessment.

The second phase of our selection process includes an actual test of the structure, quality, and accuracy of the MVR reports. We background checks from each site to compare the results. We award a higher rank to companies that provide neatly structured information and valuable insights that HR teams, hiring managers, and business owners can use to make confident hiring decisions. 

The most decisive factor in this phase is the accuracy of the information. We carefully assess the results for any discrepancies, outdated or false information. Companies that fail the accuracy test are eliminated from our list. 

Times can vary between states as each has its own regulations on how records are stored and provided. Most states nowadays have electronic driving record databases and offer online driving record background check processing, delivering electronic reports within the same day. That said, certified copies must be returned by traditional mail, meaning that the entire process might take an extra few days depending on the DMV staff’s workload and the distance. Most checks are ready within one to three business days, but instances like name variations, missing information, or errors in the provided details can slow down the process.

The process of obtaining a driving record for employment purposes is subject to many rules and regulations that both consumer reporting agencies and employers must follow. Compliance failure can result in thousands of dollars in fines. For this reason, motor vehicle record check services need to provide clear guidelines on how employers can obtain and use these reports in accordance with the applicable compliance laws.

We get in the shoes of potential clients and reach out to the companies via all available channels with a list of questions. We take notes of our experience and rank their customer service based on speed, attentiveness, and personalized support. 

It is hard to pin down the exact cost of an MVR check for employers as these reports are one piece of the puzzle that makes a comprehensive employment background check. State fees for driving record check varies between $12.20 and $37.50 for each request. On top of these, the MVR background check company charges for its services. In any case, we make sure that all the companies that have made it this far offer good value for money and drop them off if they don’t. 

Third Phase: Evaluation of Additional Services

Employment background check companies allow businesses to check driving records online as part of their pre-employment services. These companies typically provide other screening services, including:

Aside from MVR background check services, some consumer reporting agencies also offer tenant screening services for landlords, property managers, and large-scale rental businesses. These searches typically include:

Fourth Phase: Reviewing and Final Ranking

In the last phase of our selection process, we go through the results of our assessments and client surveys, reviewing the data we collected for each company and creating the final rank.

How to Choose the Best MVR Background Check Service for You

If you are a DOT-regulated employer or need employees to operate a vehicle as part of their job, a driver background check service plays a vital role in your hiring process. We prepared a short guide with tips on choosing the most fitting company for your needs.

Determine Your Needs

If your business is regulated by the DOT, you are obligated to conduct pre-employment MVR background checks and annual MVR checks for commercial drivers. Since annual checks by definition report changes in driving history once a year, companies are increasingly opting for driving record monitoring. This service provides real-time alerts for changes in driving history. It allows companies to spot any negative actions that may jeopardize their reputation and the safety of other employees and the general public and act fast before any damage is done.

According to the DOT regulations, the drivers license background check also needs to cover each state the driver had a license or permit in the last three years.

Do you need more screening services? Maybe you want to conduct pre-employment drug screening or would like a fully-rounded background checking program for your business? Determine your needs and priorities and filter out the companies based on them.

Test Their Knowledge and Customer Support

Test their service once you have a preliminary list of MVR and driver’s license background check companies that meet your needs. Contact them through some of the listed options and talk with a representative about your unique situation and requirements. Does the customer service representative seem genuinely interested in your business? If they are giving generic answers and not asking any questions, that’s a clear sign you should keep looking. Here are also some questions you can ask beforehand:

Compare Costs

After testing and evaluating your top choices, compare their fees. You should go for the company that offers the best value for what they charge. 

MVR FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

What is an MVR check and what does it show?

MVR stands for “motor vehicle record. It’s a pre-employment background screening process that examines the subject’s driving records. Motor vehicle record check might include:

Why is MVR check important?

MVR background checks are only relevant for positions that involve driving or handling heavy machinery. These job positions include ambulance drivers, delivery drivers, truck drivers, public transport drivers, freight drivers, construction jobs that involve driving, and any other position that requires driving on duty. Employers use driver background checks to ensure that candidates don’t have a history of dangerous behavior behind the wheel. Companies regulated by the Department of Transport (DOT) are federally obligated to obtain MVR background checks as part of their hiring practices.

Why do employers need MVR checks?

Not every employer needs a driving record background check. These records are typically not part of a regular pre-employment background check. Employers that operate in DOT-regulated industries, however, are obligated to conduct pre-employment and annual MVR checks. Even employers not regulated by the DOT can run MVR checks if they are hiring for jobs that involve driving. MVR checks help employers protect their businesses from reputation damage, property damage, liability risk, etc. These checks also help them verify if a candidate has the proper license classification for the job.

Can I run my own MVR report?

Yes, you can run MVR checks on yourself or others. If you’re applying for a job that requires a motor vehicle record check, vehicle insurance, or driver’s license in another country or province, you may need to run an MVR check on yourself. In that case, you should decide between an uncertified or certified report. If your MVR report is for legal purposes, you need a certified record with the Ministry of Transportation’s embossed seal on it. 

Will a DUI show up on a driving record background check?

Offenses related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, known as DUI, or in some jurisdictions DWI (driving while intoxicated) or OUI (operating under the influence) are criminal offenses that show up in pre-employment criminal background checks. DUI convictions are also likely to appear in pre-employment MVR checks and driving record checks. Note that DUI records are not included in criminal background checks in some states and can be reported only in MVR checks.

How far back does an MVR background check go?

A national standard for how far back these companies can report doesn’t exist. Each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulates the time reporting limit for driving checks. In most states, MVR checks can show three to seven years old records, and in a few states, these checks can report up to 10 years old records. Employers are advised to put more weight on recent driving history instead of years-old records, primarily if the driver has maintained several years of clean driving history.