About Us

We do thorough background checks on background check companies to ensure they deserve your trust. We are here to connect you with the most reliable screening companies that deliver accurate, up-to-date reports. Our expert reviewers know the fine points of the screening industry, being able to provide unbiased evaluations. We devote our time to track, research, and test thousands of background check services and recommend only the best to you.


How We Work

We develop comprehensive evaluation criteria for every topic we investigate. Then we put multiple background screening companies through this rigorous selection process that involves testing the quality of their services, technology, reports, and customer support. We examine them for accuracy, turnaround time, functionality, pricing, and other factors that allow us to prepare unbiased reviews of the best screening providers for different purposes. 

Delivering Unbiased, Honest Reviews of Thousands of Background Check Services

We take pride in conducting the research ourselves and not accepting any monetary compensation in exchange for reviews. All of our reviews are independently and carefully researched, and written. We feel that getting paid to write a review will obstruct our objectivity. Hence we arrange our funding in a way to support our independence and honesty. 

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From people search sites to the most dependable pre-employment screening, tenant screening, and other background check services, we bring you handpicked screening providers that will arm you with valuable reports and help you make more informed decisions. Dive into our unbiased reviews and find the best screening services for your business or personal use today!